Mysterious Cave Temple – Upper Mustang Nepal

By John Saboe | Feature Articles

Sep 21

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We left our guesthouse in Shyangmochen in the Upper Mustang region of Nepal early in the morning to make the trek down to the narrow canyon where the mysterious Chungsi cave monastery lies. Our porter stayed on the high trail to meet us in Samar later in the day.

It’s said that the famous Buddhist teacher Guru Ringpoche meditated in the Chungsi cave temple and some consider it another Kailash in its significance as a buddhist pilgrimage.

The night before we ate dinner and drank the local moonshine called Raksi with the caretaker of the monastery. He was quite a character and although we couldn’t understand a word he said, including my Nepalese guide, he was thoroughly entertaining. He joined us on our way down.

I really didn’t find out until after my visit here how important this monastery is. As you got closer you definitely got the feeling this was a pretty special place. We even spotted wild marijauna plants as we climbed up the stairs. The caretakers friend asked me if I knew what they were. Oh yes, I said, we have many of those where I come from. Once inside the cave you will see some of the naturally formed deities on the walls.

Chungshi Monastery – one of my highlights from The Upper Mustang region of Nepal….


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